Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Night Rider.....

I'm still alive, and I didn't even crash into a lamp-post, or run over any poor pedestrians!

I had another driving lesson this evening (fortunately my instructor had someone cancel the night before so I was able to get in a lesson this week). The map above shows the route I drove this time - a fair bit more than last week!! Starting from home, I drove along Evesham Road until we reached Offenham, along Boat Lane, and down Station Road, through Badsey and down Badsey Road back into Evesham. Then, after driving down Port Street, I then turned onto Waterside, along the river Avon, up Cheltenham road, turning of into Fairfield Road, along Four Pools Road (where Evesham High, the school I work at is located), down Coopers Lane, back along Waterside, up Port Street and back into Coronation Street!!!!..... (phew)

What did I learn today? How to turn at junctions.

I also was required to go into work tonight to video record the school production. This year, the production is 'Fame', and as well as having recording duties, I was also technical backup for the sound system.....

..... What would they do without me?

By the way, feel free to watch the production on the EHS website - Thursday night and Friday night between 7.o0pm and 10.00pm. However, the audio module for our network webcam is faulty, so you will only get video..... no sound I'm afraid.

So, I have hardly seen Michelle and Kieran today - except for the 10 minutes or so when I got home from work before having to rush out for my driving lesson.

I'm knackered, tired and I'm off to bed.

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  1. Would you admit to the world if you HAD smeared pedestrians across the road? hehe

    And once you get going, driving is pretty easy. But remember, you don't get extra lives ;)