Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Yes I'm back, and its not a repeat, so turn on your computer and start reading this stupid s**t!!!!"

Right... Apologies to all my readers (all two of them!) for the lack of posts these past few months.

I've had an interesting few days this past few weeks. Went back to work on Monday after having the previous week off (half term), and on Wednesday I started my driving lessons again! It's been nearly three since I last drove, but I think I did well. Below is a map of the route I drove.

I only stalled the engine twice, and accidently switched on the windscreen wipers instead of indicating... but other than that, it went really well.

I also had to see the dentist because I've been experiencing excrutiating pain from one of my wisdom teeth. It appears I need to go to hospital and have it removed... Oh joy. I hope they do it under general anaesthetic.

So there you go! Kieran, Sophie and Kayleigh are growing quickly. I can't believe that the girls are nearly seven months old already. I'll say one thing for the past couple of months... They have flown by!