Saturday, June 04, 2011

Who? Doctor 'Flaming' Who, that's who.

I'm totally gutted - Why? Not because Doctor Who has finished until the Autumn, but because tonights mid season cliffhanger was an underwhelming pile of excrement. I was expecting so much more... but.. (sigh)

I seriously do not understand why people praise Steven Moffatt so much - his writing is childish, diabolical in places and quite often cringe worthy. I swear, Kieran (my six year old son) has better ideas for stories in his little head.

Come on, River Song is Amy Ponds daughter? How obvious was that! I knew that was coming ages ago.

I really like Doctor Who (but nowhere near as good as Star Trek), but with the way things are going, unless Steven Moffatt improves his writing, or he relinquishes his position as writer and showrunner for Doctor Who, I will be switching off permanently.

I swear, Moffatt thinks he is great at writing season long story arcs - Hey Steven sorry to sound nasty but - go and get some lessons from J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5). He knew how to do it properly!

Still, after that rant, I will be looking forward to "Lets Kill Hitler" in the Autumn - only because it'll be the only thing worth watching on a Saturday night (and my only escape from all the rubbish talent/dancing/music shows that clog up primetime Saturday night television here in the UK.