Now That's What I Call Stuart's Favourite Music

For quickness and ease of access, here you can view and listen to all of my "Now That's What I Call Stuart's Favourite Music"

The project started as a way to collect my favourite childhood tunes and put them in one place to share with my family and friends.  

At first, I limited my list to only include music from my childhood and later teenage years, but as I get older with each passing year, I've decided that I should also look beyond my younger years and include the music post 18...  Music that has helped me get through some rough times....  Music that has defined me and what has had an impact (either positive or negative) on my life. It will not only include popular music, but also instrumentals, movie and TV soundtracks, music from computers games, and much more.

Imagine if a compilation of your favourite music was ever produced and released on CD.  What artists and songs would you include?   Well, this is my compilation album.

If I had to choose one album to play at my funeral/wake, then this would be it.  Enjoy

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