Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Return...

Well... I keep saying I'm going to start blogging again, and everytime I fail miserably, Here is my latest attempt. Hopefully I will not lose interest and keep it going.

At the moment, I am writing this whilst visiting my parents in Essex. Tomorrow will be Sophie's and Kayleigh's first birthday! My gosh, where has the time gone? We've got balloons, a cake, and I think we may all be going for a walk along the seafront from Westcliff to Leigh-On-Sea... a ritual that we always do when we come here, just like walking Southend Pier (like we did yesterday).

After spending the past week in Laindon, we will be heading back home on Monday to Evesham. Long gone are the days when I looked forward to returning to Evesham - I really want to move... Not even my job at the High School makes me want to stay anymore. 8 years down the line, and I am still homesick.

Thinking of work is getting me down a bit at the moment. Not sure why though, as it's not much different than most years. We've got quite a few projects going on during the summer holidays, and I'm stressing a little bit because they all need to be finished and/or up and running by the start of the new school term. To be honest though, lately I've been letting a lot of things get on top of me, along with the stressing and worrying - it's amazing I still have my hair! I'm sure I've knocked a few years of my ticker!