Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dreamfall and Outrun - World O' Wonders

I've been playing two games great games recently - One being Dreamfall The Longest Journey and Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast. Now, I was a great fan of the original Outrun arcade from the 1980's. Hell, I still hum Magical Sound Shower to myself at work, but I must say I do like this new game. I can imagine alot of people are't too keen on it because of its simple gameplay (compared to Gran Turismo, Project Gotham etc.), but it plays like the original, just with better graphics. Your simple, arcade-style racing game where the aim is just to reach the end by dodging the cars and choosing which way you want to go when you reach the fork in the road.... Fantastic, and so easy to get into!!

Dreamfall The Longest Journey on the other hand is an amazing adventure game which reminds me in many ways of the great point and click adventure games of yesteryear. I was always a fan of Lucasarts and Sierra adventures, and this is absolutely fantastic. I haven't got too far in the game yet, and I'm still al little confused as I have never played the prequel game (The Longest Journey), but the graphics are stunning, the puzzles are not too difficult yet not too easy to make the game boring, and I'm just completely adddicted!!! The only thing I'm not too keen on is the fighting sequences, but then even that isn't too hard and I've yet to be killed yet. I'd recommend to anyone to go out and buy it.

Regular visitors to my website will remember that my site was once named "Stuart Wilson's World O' Wonders". Now, over the past few days since I've had this blog going, I have had a few people ask me why I have named it the same as my old website - and where did the name come from. Well, as I mentioned earlier, I loved (and still do) playing adventure games, especially the ones made my Sierra like Space Quest, Kings Quest, and all of the others. In Space Quest III - The Pirates of Pestulon, you (as Roger Wilco) visited the planet Phleebut, and there was an alien called Fester who ran a tourist shop called "World O' Wonders". So there you go - thats where the name came from! Basically he sold crap, and had lots of crap available for visitors to look at - hey, sounds like by blog! :o)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Noooooooooo. I hate the World Cup.

Ever since I was a little boy, I have hated football, and as you can imagine, this is the worst time of year for someone like me - the dreaded World Cup. Some people say that I am not normal because I'm a bloke who doesn't watch or like Football, but I just can't see how people can get excited over watching a bunch of grown men kicking a poxy ball around a large field, and hugging each other whenever they get the ball into the net. I mean.... COME ON!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!! I'd rather watch paint dry! Anyway, apparently England are playing tonight in what is supposed to be a big game against Ecuador. I see in the news that over 500 England fans have been detained in Germany for being hooligans ("clashing with German fans, throwing bottles, tables and chairs" as reported by Yahoo News) . These sad, pathetic human beings are giving my country a bad name because they take this stupid sport too seriously. I hate the fact that I share my home country with these worthless scum.

Yikes, sorry about that - I needed to get that off my chest. I apologise for my ranting, and my moaning but I think thats why I decided to make a blog - so that I can express myself in words rather than keeping it inside only to boil over. I have no idea who would be interested in reading this.... I don't even know if anyone even knows that this blog exists.

Kieran is sat next to me watching the Backyardigans on Nick Jnr while I type this. About an hour ago we went to take Michelle to work. She currently works in the Cafe at our local Morrison's superstore. She also works occasionally at The Evesham Hotel.

Its a very warm summers day outside, and I think we might be going swimming a little later when Michelle has finished work at 3.00pm.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

And so it begins.....

Captains Blog, stardate 240606.18
Hello, and welcome to my blog!! It seems that everyone has a blog on the internet these days, so I figured it was about time I had one myself.

Firstly, allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Stuart Wilson. I am married to Michelle, and we have a son called Kieran who was born on the 2nd February 2005.

We live together in a town called Evesham (in the United Kingdom), although I am originally from Laindon, which is about 20 odd miles east of London. I moved here in 2002 after meeting Michelle (on the internet of all places!!!)

I work at Evesham High School as a Network and ICT Technician, which I totally love, while at the same time I also develop websites as a little side-earner from home.

A shall begin my blog by ranting about the mindless, drug-abusing, anti-social behavioral people which live in this country. Having recently moved to our current house in January of this year, we as a family have had to put up 'druggies' using our next door neighbours garden shed as a drug den for them to enjoy their pathetic habit. An incident occured 2 days ago which involved one of these 'yobs' bashing on our next door neighbours house at around 9.15pm. Now, me and Michelle were quite happily sat in our living room watching TV when this happened. Kieran went to bed earlier and was asleep on our bed. This yob then started to shout, threatening to kick and beat up our neigbour. The noise was unacceptable, and I felt I had to step in and do something about it. I quickly stood up and went for the straight door. I instantly opened the front door and shouted to the yob to keep the noise down and to get lost as we had a 16 month old bably upstaurs who was trying to sleep. Anyway, you can imagine that I had a great deal of verbal abuse thrown at me, with several threatening remarks, although I stood my ground and made sure he knew he wasn't going to intimidate or scare me.

Anyway, shortly afterwards I began to think about the threats that he made towards me, and it made me think that maybe I should be worried. Apparently the yob is a member of a notorious family who seem to like threatening, and intimidating people. I wont stand for it, and decided that it was my duty to help to community and do something about it. I called the Police.

We had a visit from a very kind police officer today and made us feel much better. It seems that the family are being watched by the police anyway.

What really bugs me though is why do these housing associations put decent people like us who just want to live a normal, quiet life in the same neighbourhood as these pathetic, sad excuses of human scum. Why are these worthless people given homes anyway - I mean, none of them work, and all they do is spend OUR money which they claim as benefits on drugs and crime. I'm standing up for myself, and really hope other members of our community do the same. These people need to be kicked out..... Stick them all on a island in the middle of nowhere and drop an atomic bomb on them so that there is nothing left of them.

I'll shut up now. What a way to start my blog. Anyway, no doubt I shall be telling you of any news relating to this incident in future blog entries and it seems it is going to be an on-going matter,

I'm going to go now and have something to eat. the time is 18:16, and I want to sort some things out before Doctor Who starts later tonight..... no I am not a fan, I just like the show and think that the UK should produce more sc-fi shows as we certainly have a lack of home-grown sci-fi on TV. Actually, we seem to have a lack of sci-fi in general because the population seem to be obsessed with stupid reality shows and unrealistic soap operas with dreadful acting in.

Bye bye for now :o)