Saturday, July 08, 2006

You will be EX-TERM-IN-AT-ED

A few months ago (actually, it may have been a year ago), I created a special 3D scene for my website depicting a scene of Daleks about to invade an unsuspecting planet.

Now, I uploaded it, but I never actually put a link to it on my website, so unless you actually knew the URL, there was no way for anyone to see it. I am such a prat!!!!!!!!

Anyway, being as the last episode of the current Doctor Who series was shown tonight on BBC1, I figured now would be a good time to make sure it's available for everyone to see..... so.....

Click here for "Doctor Who - The Dalek Invasion"

Oh the above picture has nothing to do with the 3D scene, but I created it anyway to showcase my new improved Tardis 3D object, and since this post is about the good Doctor, I figured I'd put it here. All my 3D graphic work can be viewed at my website

Comments welcome, good or bad :)
Kieran hasn't been feeling too great today, and he has been spending most of the day crying, and generally not being happy. We think its due to a large tooth which is trying to come through.

It's been hard trying to keep him happy, but after giving him some Calpol, he has now fallen asleep next to me whilst holding his milk.

I let him play with my tablet-laptop earlier, and he had a great time using the stylus-pen to draw all over the screen in MSPaint.

The image to the left is the result...... I think it would look good in the Tate gallery if you ask me. I had no idea my son was so expressive!!!!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Name change...

Stuart Wilson's World O' Wonders has now become....................


Sorry, but when I found that was available to purchase, I just had to go for it and rename the whole blog!

(For those of you who don't know, I like Star Trek, and Captains Blog of course is an alternative to the Captains Log). I was thinking about calling it Captain Slog, but then I thought some people might not get it!!!!!!!!!

6,629,751,995 + 1

I'd like to use this opportunity to congratulate my friends Peter, and Gemma on the birth of their daughter Amy Gemma Longley, who was born last night (5th July 2006) weighing at a healthy 8lb 3oz.

At this moment, the earths current population now totals at 6,629,751,996


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Space... The Final Frontier

Last night, at 19.38pm (British Summer Time), the Discovery Space Shuttle took off! Why am I bothering to mention this on my blog? Well, I think its a very exciting moment when a shuttle in launched into space, and I made sure to watch it live on NASA TV.

Unfortunatly, people just don't seem too bothered about it anymore. Too many people think its a waste of money, and totally pointless. I think the excitement of space exploration dulled a bit when man landed on the moon in 1969 and people realised it wasnt the exciting place everyone had been hoping for. The public just don't seem to see the bigger picture. Space Exploration is essential, and must continue for the sake of humankind. What was once science-fiction is now science-fact and I for one hope that NASA and the various other space organisations around the world continue to boldly go.

The Discovery launch yesterday was only the second shuttle launch since the Columbia tragedy in 2003. Challenger and Columbia were both tragic accidents, and whats even more tragic is that if you ask anyone to name just one crew member from both missions, they haven't a clue. They are more likely to know the full names of the current England football squad.... how sad!!!

: - Challenger --- Mike Smith, Dick Scobee, Ron McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe, Greg Jarvis, and Judith Resnik

: - Columbia --- Rick Husband,William McCool,Michael Anderson,David Brown,Kalpana Chawla,Laurel Blair Salton Clark and Ilan Ramon

These people should never be forgotten for their bravery, and their commitment to space exploration. These people are legends and with every launch of a shuttle, their memories live on and will continue to do so. If it wasn't for people like them who are paving the way for the future of humankind, we'd all be stuck here on Earth, perhaps just sitting waiting for an asteroid or meteor to come crashing down and wiping us all out!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Having a slightly stressful day today.

Its been one of the hottest days of the year so far, and I've really suffered with my hayfever. Infact, its been so bad I haven't been able to leave the house. I hate the summer - I've always been an autumn/winter person. Bring on the cold days and early dark nights

Michelle is currently out at the moment doing a disco with her step-day while I stay at home with Kieran. All was fine until about 15 minutes after Michelle left, Kieran needed his bum changed.... Took nappy off, wiped and cleaned, and before I had a chance to put a new nappy on, pooh (the runny variety) all over the carpet!

After watching an exciting episode of Doctor Who on the telly tonight, and taking Kieran upstairs to bed, I am now watching Stephen Kings The Stand. I haven't watched this ever since it was first shown in the UK during the mid 90's on Sky TV. I do love a good apocolyptic story, with death and destruction, and as the back of the DVD states - 1% of the world population survive a plague - it can't get much more apocolyptic than that!!!

GOOD NEWS -- England are out of the world cup!! Actually, as I can't stand football, I couldn't really care less whether my country got through or not. What amuses me is seeing grown men cry and get all upset over such a silly game. I mean, I had the windows to my house open, and all I could hear was them sobbing, and shouting... I said it before, and I will say it again - GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!