Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Game Covers - Hollywood Collection (Commodore 64)


Take on the role of avenging angel as you mete out rough justice to the perpetrators of evil and lawlessness. Some of the most exciting scenes ever to fill a computer screen confront you. The future is here and now when you take up this challenge - PART MAN - PART MACHINE - ALL COP.

Ghostbusters II

THEY'RE BACK! Weird things happen... The slime is on the rise. The Titanic has arrived. And after 300 years, Vigo the Carpathian won't stay dead. Who you gonna call? Get your bustin' business back on its feet. Hit the streets in your Ectomobile. Go underground to discover a river of slime... and rise above it all with the Statue of Liberty. All to turn evil to good and defeat Vigo at the Museum of Art. Action, adventure, strategy challenges - and great laughs. Ghostbusters II.

Batman The Movie

BATMAN is a shadow in the darkness, as elusive as a dream. High above the seamy streets of GOTHAM, he is a criminal's nightmare. The only hope for a desperate city... BATMAN. A LEGEND HAS RETURNED.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The chase is on... all the way to the greatest treasure in history, the Holy Grail. Have you got what it takes to tackle the 4 arduous Action Packed Levels???

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Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Game Covers - Game Crazy (Commodore 64)

24 of the most bizarre and unique sporting events you are ever likely to find!!  From racing in Naples...  Boot throwing at the Colosseum...  Surfing in Hawaii and Frisbie throwing in California, through to Pillow Fighting...  Pogo-ing...  Roller Skating...  BMX Bike Racing...  Half pipe skateboarding...  Foot bag...  River jumping...  100m slither and Metamorph Marathon.  Not to mention Head Throwing...  HEAD THROWING???

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