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Monday, April 18, 2022

Game Covers - Shadow of the Beast (Commodore 64)

Fight your way through many different regions in order to reach the heart of the enemy's fort and face your ultimate adversary!

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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Game Covers - Batman The Caped Crusader (Commodore 64)

Gotham City...   Threatened now by the lawless exploits of those two arch criminals - The Penguin and the Joker.  The situation is becoming critical...  In the Batcave Batman figures out a plan to first put an end to the demented squawkings of that overweight birdbrain...  The Penguin.

Later at the Gotham City Fairground Batman hears the cries for help of his colleague Robin...  But wait...  The Fairground...  The Ghost Train...  The Fun House.....  An awesome revelation, a terrifying truth begins to emerge...  This could only be the work of....  The Joker.

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Friday, April 15, 2022

Game Covers - Summer Games II (Commodore 64)

Includes Cycling, Fencing, Kayaking, Triple Jump, Rowing, High Jump, Javelin & Equestrian events.

Opening, Closing & Awards ceremonies with National Anthems.

Individual & Head to Head Competition.

One to eight players.

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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Game Covers - Magicland Dizzy (Commodore 64)

DIZZY's cartoon adventure in MAGICLAND!  Explore WIERDHENGE, PRINCE CHARMING's castle, Vampira's ICE PALACE, Wicked WITCH's island and jump thru' THE MAGIC MIRROR!  Find EXCALIBUR, wake SLEEPING BEAUTY and more!  Starring all the YOLKFOLD in he latest INCREDIBLE TALE!

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Game Covers - Fantasy World Dizzy (Commodore 64)

Join Mega-Star DIZZY and the YOLKFOLK in their latest Adventure in Fantasy World!  Incredible Dragons' Lairs, Wizard's Cloud Castle, the Evil King's Palace & Dungeons, Mysterious new Worlds, Volcanoes, and more.  INCREDIBLE PLAYABILITY.

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Friday, January 21, 2022

Game Covers - Treasure Island Dizzy (Commodore 64)


Explore the mysterious island's deserted Tree House Village, Fabulous Gold Mines, Huge Caves, Magic Shops and Secret Treasure!  You can even go underwater - but remember your snorkel!

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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Game Covers - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Commodore 64)

Pick up your trilby and trusty bullwhip and don the mantle of the legendary Indiana Jones!  Prepare yourself for your most dangerous adventure yet - to storm the evil Temple of Doom ad rescue the imprisoned children and the magical Stones of Sankara!  Beware the foes and hazards that block your way.  The Thuggee guards will fight to the finish and poisonous cobra snakes will rise up in front of you.  You will traverse perilous ledges, ride the underground railway, and cross the bottomless fiery pit in pursuit of your quest!

You will call on all your reserves of courage, strength, and skill.  Push yourself o the limit, ride your luck and the magical stones may just be yours!

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Saturday, January 08, 2022

Game Covers - Leader Board Par 4 (Commodore 64)

A Classic celebration of the greatest series of golf simulations ever produced, including - 4 games, 14 courses, unique free-standing holeguide, club length chart, and scorecards.

Leader Board

Welcome to the exciting world of professional golf with Leader Board.  With amazing realistic 3-D animation, golfers will face multiple 18-hole golf courses that demand strategy, total concentration, and control to come in under par.

Leader Board Tournament

You will find these four courses more difficult than those in Leader Board and each requires excellent shot-making ability to stay out of trouble.  If you're looking for a challenge Leader Board Tournament will deliver all you can handle.

Leader Board Executive Edition

Leader Board Executive Edition brings another dimension in excitement and graphics as you battle to master sandtraps, trees, water hazards, and rough with a gameplay that's frightening in its demands and realism.

World Class Leader Board

Now you have the opportunity to play the same courses that have challenged golf's greatest legends - St. Andrews, Doral Country Club, and Cypress Creek.  The fourth course designed especially for "World Class" is the "Gauntlet Country Club."  Only those who have mastered the best courses in the world should expect to come close to par at "The Gauntlet".

As easy to follow, easy to use, colour guide helps you to tackle these fantastic courses.

A full colour reference chart assists with quick club selection and wind calculations.

Record those memorable rounds forever in a pocket scorebook.

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