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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Game Covers - Skiing (Philips G7000)

This Videopac offers three competitive skiing events: Slalom, Giant Slalom and a Down Hill Race. The names of these events appear at the bottom of the screen, one after the other. Make your choice by pulling the joystick of your handset (either one will do) when the name of the chosen event shows on the screen.


You follow a twisting course, marked out by posts. The route is indicated in the following way; you pass between two identical coloured posts when they are in a horizontal line, moving down towards the bottom of the screen. When the posts are in a single vertical line you pass between them from side to side, continuing down towards the finishing line. The computer keeps track of the time for both skiers. The time is recorded when the skier passes the finishing line.

When you make an error by missing one of the posts, your time-keeping will stop. Instead there will be a record of the number of errors you have made.

In the bottom centre of the screen you see some question marks. This is where the computer will register the best time made by a competitor (without making any errors of course) during a series of events.

You steer your skier with the joystick of your handset. He will only start when you pull the joystick towards you. You may also stop during the race. This can be done by pushing the joystick away from you.  It does mean that you are losing valuable time however!

When you press the action button, he will accelerate so there is the possibility to make up for lost time. 

Giant Slalom

This game follows the same rules as the Slalom, but the course is longer, and the posts are farther apart.

Down Hill

Again the same basic rules apply. The number of obstacles is the same (55) but the arrangement is different to allow a faster descent. 

Competition starts

Once you have made your choice, the computer will confirm that choice with a sound signal.  A second sound signal tells you that the count-down has started. Both skiers automatically assume their starting position. When the count-down is completed, you will hear a starting shot and the race begins. Do remember, that your skier will only start when you pull the joystick towards you.

When the race is over, it is followed automatically by a second one.  This will actually continue until you press the RESET button.

Alpine Events

You may also organise a complete Alpine event by competing in a combination of several events, each over one or more races.

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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Game Covers - Take the Money and Run (Philips G7000)

You and your opponent are trapped in a maze populated by robots which represent the economic factors of life. You are given start money of $ 500,000, and have to turn it into a million by chasing income, rewards and investments and escaping from thieves, taxes, inflation and expenses.

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Thursday, May 09, 2024

Game Covers - Space Monster (Philips G7000)

You are confronted with a very serious threat. A merciless space monster, aided by eight robots with rocket launchers, is attacking your planet. You only have one robot at your disposal and four mobile rocket launchers. Three of your rocket launchers are stored safely in rocket-proof bunkers. 

It's up to you now to defend your planet by destroying the enemy robots and the invading space monster. What makes it more difficult is, the enemy robots operating from behind rocket-proof protective shields. They shift back and forth however to take pop shots at your robot and his rocket launcher. That's when you have to try and be quick enough to hit them. Be careful though, somehow they seem to know exactly where you are. You are safe only as long as you hide behind one of your bunkers. 

The monster itself, even though he tries to keep out of reach behind his robot lines, is adding his share. If you hit and destroy him, don't be overjoyous. Another one will appear within a few seconds and the battle continues. 

If your rocket launcher is hit by an enemy rocket, your robot will survive but is unprotected. It's up to you now to move him to one of your bunkers as quickly as possible. When you press the action button you have another rocket launcher again but the bunker and its protection have disappeared. 

When you have succeeded in destroying all invading robots, the monster itself will descend in a final, desperate attempt to destroy your rocket launcher and robot. 

If you have lost your fourth and last rocket launcher and have no means left to defend your robot, the space monster will come down too and take your robot. 

You score when you succeed in destroying all enemy robots plus the monster. If you lose, the monster scores a point. 

The war is over when either party has won ten battles.

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Sunday, May 05, 2024

Game Covers - Laser War (Philips G7000)

It's a rough situation you're in when you find yourself on a space patrol, accompanied by a colleague in his fighter craft. You are stranded in a field of asteroids, whirling all around you. You have both hands full to try and avoid a collision.

To make matters even worse, two mysterious but obviously belligerent flying saucers make their appearance. It's up to you and your friend now to defend the galaxy against the invaders by trying to shoot them down with your laser guns. It may appear to be a desperate battle at first because every time you succeed in shooting down an enemy saucer, another one will automatically appear at the scene of the battle. You will soon find that those saucer pilots are excellent shots too!

The asteroids change colour constantly. If your craft crashes, is hit by an enemy laser or one from your colleague, you can only restore the damage and take part in the battle again when you move the joystick of your handset, pressing the action button, simultaneously, when one of the asteroids assumes the original colour of your craft!

The sporting side of the event is to try and outperform your friend in shooting down invading saucers. The one who scores ten hits first is the winner. Needless to say, you don't score when shooting down your colleague (accidentally?).

There's no time to rest.. immediately after, you are called back into action again! Watch out and good hunting!

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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Game Covers - Last Ninja 2 (Commodore 64)

Once beaten, but not destroyed, the evil Shogun Kunitoki used all his mystic powers to transport himself through time and establish a new empire of tyranny in modern day Manhattan.

In fear of Kunitoki's growing powers, the arcane gods used all their wisdom to bring you, the Last Ninja, across the abyss of time and confront your arch-enemy once more.

You arrive in this frightening and awesome modern world bringing nothing with you save your intelligence, skill and cunning and a burning desire for vengeance.

Will this be the final battle? Can you vanquish Kunitoki once and for all?

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