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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Game Covers - Squirm (Commodore 64)

Collect the eggs laid by the Queen Squirm.  You must avoid the guards who patrol the maze picking up the eggs left by the Queen.

You have three lives and each time you are caught you lose a life.  Collect 255 eggs to reach the next level and maze, between each level you have a bonus run when you can attack the Squirm without losing a life,  WARNING you cannot cross your own path on the bonus run.

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Game Covers - 180 (Commodore 64)

  • Eight Opponents
  • Digital Speech
  • Two Player Option
  • Live Joystick Control
  • Full Matchplay scoring
  • A Sense of Humour
  • Superb Playability
  • What more is there in life?  Buy it!

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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Game Covers - International 3D Tennis (Commodore 64)

Sensible Software's International 3D Tennis is a revolutionary new tennis simulation. The innovative use of vector graphics has created a game with unrivalled playability and an unparalled number of features.

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Sunday, September 05, 2021

Game Covers - Kikstart (Commodore 64)

For 1 or 2 players simutaneously.

Choose a different combination of 3 of the 8 different courses.  Guide your rider carefully over the many obstacles as carefully as possible.

1.  JUMPS. You must jump over water, cars, vans and buses etc.
2.  ROUGH GROUND.  Go very slowly here as it is dangerous to jump.
3.  TYRES, HEDGES, BARRELLS.  Go quickly over these so as not to get stuck.
5.  You cannot land on any tyres, hedges, barrells, brick/screen walls or gates but drop-offs are allowed.

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Game Covers - 1985 The Day After (Commodore 64)

It is the day after, Big Brother has been destroyed and the Earth has to learn how to survive on its own. 

You have been assigned to find the energy your planet needs to survive.  The OLD Republic stored nuclear plasma on four neighbouring planets.  It is your mission to visit the twelve alien landscapes to retrieve it.  

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Game Covers - Silent Service (Commodore 64)

Join the elite ranks of Silent Service - the best-selling, award-winning submarine simulation.

As captain of a World War II submarine stationed in the South Pacific, your goal is to seek out, track, and sunk Japanese shipping.  Imagine the tension as you spot your prey through the periscope.

You plan to attack when suddenly an enemy destroyer sights you.  Hunter becomes hunted and survival depends on quick decision-making.

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Game Covers - Target Renegade (Commodore 64)

He's back - meaner, tougher and thirsting for revenge!

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Sunday, February 07, 2021

Game Covers - Creatures (Commodore 64)

Held in devilish torture chambers, an entire village of Fuzzy Wuzzies - the cutest but most mischievous characters ever - need your help!

Control the only free Fuzzy, Clyde Radcliffe, on a mission that takes  him through the haunted Black Forest of Gateau, to a land full of crazy creatures, scuba diving in piranha pnds and into the lethal torture chambers themselves!

You need quick reactions, a sharp brain and a crazy sense of humour to complete the cartoon game of the year - Creatures!

"My pick for 1990!"

"Superbly thought out and slickly executed!" ZZAP!64

Front Cover

Back Cover



Top and Bottom

The Tape

Instructions 1

Instructions 2

The Logo

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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Game Covers - Fire Ant (Commodore 16 and Plus 4)

You are the last remaining soldier of an army of ants which has been destroyed by scorpions.  Your sole objective is to rescue the Queen Ant who has been taken hostage.  Negotiate the scorpion chambers collecting items which will help you on your journey.  You need a combination of quick reactions, careful planning, and observation if you are going to survive long enough to achieve your goal.

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Game Covers - Crazy Golf (Commodore 16 and Plus 4)

 You are about to tee off on the CRAZIEST golf course you've ever seen!  Featuring eighteen holes, each with its own unique set of obstacles which mist be wither avoided or used to your advantage.

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Friday, December 25, 2020

Game Covers - Treasure Island (Commodore 16 and Plus 4)

Treasure Island is a multi-screen arcade adventure in which you help Jim Hawkins find buried treasure.  Use the map provided to guide Jim around the island.  Collect items which may be useful but avoid, or deal with, the cutlass-wielding pirates.  Having found the treasure you must then win the race to get back to your ship.  You can be sure that Long John Silver will do all in his power to stop you escaping with what he believes is rightly his.  Treasure Island is a game requiring careful planning and quick reactions.

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