Saturday, February 25, 2023

Game Covers - Virtual Worlds (Commodore Amiga)

In just five years Incentive Software have built a reputation for producing the very finest in 3D exploration games.  Their development systems Freescape and Freescape 2 have become synonymous with quality, depth and playability.  These four games represent the pinnacle of their success.  We hope you enjoy them.

What the press have said:

One of the best ever - 90% - ZZAP! 64
Dazzlingly original - 963 - ACE
Generation 4 (France) - 98%

All the addiction and challenge you can handle - 907 - ACE
Incentive have done it again - 93% - CRASH
Micro Hobby (Spain) - 90%

The best Freescape game yet - 90% - C&VG
Easily the best - 90% - THE ONE
Joystick (France) - 96%

The Crypt has never before been released.  An immaculate follow-on from Castle Master, Incentive at their very best.

3D View (hold and move to rotate)