Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Driven round the bend!

Another day, another driving lesson. This time I stayed in Evesham, and was shown how to turn into a road, and how to handle bends. My major problem is that I just can't get to grips with lifting the clutch without lifting the accelerator. I have never been any good at multitasking and whatever one foot does, the other does exactly the same. Clutch control is something else I get into trouble with when I am at a junction waiting to turn.
Work has been hectic these past few days at the school due to the fact that we have a big Ofsted inspection which begins tomorrow. Its been rush, rush, rush, rush, rush, with me running around and making sure all the IT in the school is running without any problems.
Roll on Friday as the school is closed for a day which means I can relax and have a nice day off!


  1. Good luck with the OFSTED inspection - I went in a couple of summer holidays ago to help greg sort out for an inspection at his school - obviously before the lucky bugger skipped of to Brunei.

    As for the driving, the clutch is something you learn over time. If you're really having issues, there's always the Automatic-Route which might make life easier in the long run. Just my thoughts :)

  2. I thought about going the Automatic route, but those cars tend to be a little more pricey, and then once you pass the test, your choice of car is limited because you can't drive anything else.

    As for Ofsted... Well, day one is nearly over, and so far everything has been ok, except for two data projectors packing up first thing in the morning. All 500+ computers are working normally (thankgod since I am all that consists of the IT Support staff in the afternoons!!!)