Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"we're on a road to nowhere....."

I've had my provisional driving licence now for over 2 months, but last night, at 5.00pm I had my very first driving lesson!! Yep, it was the very first time in my life that I have sat in the drivers seat of a car, and although I was nervous as hell, my instructor eased my nerves and the whole hour went smoothly.... I didn't even stall the engine!!!

Basically I was just taught the basic understandings of how a car works. Once I got to grips with the clutch and gear changing, to my surprise I was asked to drive down a couple of roads near to where I live (see map below for route). I was asked to do the route twice.

Can't wait for my next lesson in two weeks time (couldnt get one for next week unfortunatly)

Remember :----

* Start ignition
* Check gear is in neutral
* Press down on clutch all the way
* Place car in 1st gear.
* Check mirrors, and all blindspots
* Press down gently on the accelerator then bring the clutch up until you reach the biting point
* Remove handbrake

And away we go.........

Check back again soon for another exciting episode of 'Learning to drive (and trying not to crash into anything or anyone) with Stuart Wilson!!'

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  1. Stuart Wilson behind the wheels of a car...
    I can almost hear Satan building his snowman!