Sunday, January 07, 2007

Decorating and "Apocalypto"

We (as in Michelle and I) have been decorating. Although I don't do new year resolutions, we both decided that we would get the house exactly how we want it this year. When we moved in exactly one year ago, it was a rush to just decorate it and make it homely. We are now hoping to do one room at a time - starting with the Kitchen, which we finished today.

I also went out this evening with one of the teachers at work to watch the new Mel Gibson movie "Apocolypto" at the cinema. I wasn't too sure if I wanted to see it or not as I had heard various mixed reviews on it, but the film was absolutely fabulous and well worth going to see. Forget the fact that the whole movie is subtitled with not one word of English spoken -Its full of action, brilliant acting and incredibly beautiful scenery.

Gonna see now if I can download it on Rapidshare!! (Shhhhhhh - Did I just say that out loud??)

Well.. only until the DVD comes out to buy ;)

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