Thursday, January 25, 2007

Driller / New Phone

Well, what with us buying a new sofa three weeks ago, and having to get our garden fence repaired due to the winds last week, its been a rather expensive month. I've also just treated myself to a new phone - the Nokia N80 (pictured left).

Ok, its not the latest Nseries phone out, and I've been really happy with my Nokia 6280, but I've always missed having a smartphone and the Symbian OS on my phone (I last had it on my Nokia 7650), so I've opted for this model - at last I'll be able to emulate my good ol' Commodore 64 on my mobile again thanks to the excellent E32Frodo emulator

Speaking of retro gaming, I've got to mention a fantastic retro-remake game which I've been following quite closely throughout its development simply because I was a fan of the original game that it's based on - Driller

Driller was originally released by Incentive Software in 1987 on most of the 8-bit and 16-bit computers of the time, and boasted "supurb solid 3D" graphics thanks to their revolutionary Freescape graphics engine. A first-person adventure, well before the likes of Quake or Doom. Anyway, the guys over at Ovine Software (who also remade Total Eclipse, another Incentive/Freescape game) have just released their version of Driller, and it is absolutely fantastic - I highly recommend anyone to download it and experience the game as it was meant to be played (a frame rate higher than 1 frame per 5 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!)

Original VersionRemake
Go to Ovine's Site here and check out Driller, and their other great games

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