Friday, January 05, 2007

Old Year to New Year....

Hello again!!!

I don't tend to do these things, but this one was on Dan's blog and I figured with it being the start of a new year, I'd fill in it, so......

Old Year to New Year:

- First words of the new year:
"Why didn't you bloody wake me up!!" (after taking Kieran to sleep at 11.00pm, falling asleep myself, and being woken up by fireworks just after midnight!!

- First drink of the new year:
Smirnoff Ice

- First person you called of the new year?
I didn't ring anyone, but I sent loads of text messages to lots of people and friends (which I don't think they received as I only got 1 back!! Either that, or I'm not a very popular person!!)

- First person that called you in the new year?
Nobody rang me - I had one text message, thats all - from Gemma (Dan's sister!!!)

- First song you listened to in the new year?
Can't remember. Something from the 80's probably though.

- New Year's resolution(s)?
Not to bother with silly New Year resolutions

- First thoughts on the new year:
Can't remember!! (Honestly, I wasn't that drunk)

- Hopes for the New Year:
Universal peace - yeah right! Win the lottery - the usual thoughts really!!

- Last words of last year:
"I'm taking Kieran to bed. If I fall asleep, make sure somebody wakes me up before midnight"

- Last drink of the new year:
Smirnoff Ice

- Last New Year's resolution(s)?
Not to make any silly New Year resolutions!!!

- Last thoughts on last year:
"Shit, I'm 30 next year!" - or "Shit, I'm 30 in two weeks!!" - one of them two!


  1. hehe I sent 42 texts out at about 11.45pm and didn't get any back - I think my messages are lost in the ether!

    And surely making a resolution to not making a resolution is actually making a resolution? hehe