Thursday, January 11, 2007

One more day to go!!!

Well, I am into my last hours of being a twentysomething, and in less than 9 hours I will have reached the big 30!!!

Lucky thing for me I don't live in the world of Logan's Run because if I did, my life would be near its end as my lifeclock crystal would be blinking away, telling me that I'm ready to ride the Carousel!

For those of you who ever never seen the film "Logan's Run" before, the "lifeclock" is a crystal that is implanted into your hand at birth. It changes colour at different periods of your life. Children and young people are yellows, teens and early twenties are greens, and late twenties are reds. When you reach your 30th birthday, or "lastday," your red crystal begins to blink and you are forced to ride the Carousel.

Although the Carousel ritual promises some vague hope of continued life through Renewal, the truth is that you simply get vaporized into oblivion. Its a way to control over-population within the domed cities of the movie

Anyway, I don't know about anyone else, but the weather here in Evesham has been atrocious these past couple of days. As you can see from the picture, this is a common sight in Evesham when we have had a lot of rain - the river Avon tends to rise quite a bit.

I've drawn a red line along what should be the edge of the path that follows along the edge of the river.

Although you can't see it very well, the benches and bins along the edge are completely submerged, and the water is well up on grass bank.

A few years ago Michelle and I were very close to renting an apartment overlooking the river - Obviously we never took it.... Probably a good idea!!

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  1. A very very Happy Birthday from all of us here matey. Welcome to 30!!! It's not so bad as people make out, but I hope you have a really good day - even if you're at work!

    And I was thinking of Evesham yesterday while me and Jaysen slogged through wind and rain to get home. I said to him "I bet Stuarts town is flooded" and his eyes lit up, and he said "Cool, can we go see?" hehe bless.. Kids love a bit of natural disaster ;)

    Oh yeah - never saw Logans Run, so your geek alert was worth noting ;) Not that YOU need a geek alert!