Saturday, March 10, 2007

For Steve.......

Bit of a random posting, this. I was going through my rather large collection of home videos/DVD's and found a short little video that Michelle and I created 3 years ago.

"Ghost Town - One Last Visit to 227 Handley Green" is essentially as the title says - one last visit to the house where I spent a lot of my childhood days at. It was the home of one of my oldest friends, Steve Ready.

The video was shot only a few weeks before the block was completely knocked down, and its quite sad for me because I always remember good, happy times there.

This is where I was introduced to the wonders of Atari 8-bit gaming, well before I even had a Commodore 64 - Lone Raider, Electra Glide, Action Biker, Mercenary. I remember tragically watching the Challenger space shuttle explode live while watching the launch on the news in this house.

The Flintstones, Knightrider, Star Trek.... Many times we'd re-arrange the furniture in the living room so that it looked like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise (I'm sure Steve's mum was never too pleased with us when we did that!!!)

The various matches of Tennis we played outside, (and I don't think I ever won ONE match!!)

The big Flintstones painting in Steve's room!

The pricks who lived nearby and always pissed us off!

Anyway, the only physical reminder of this place now is this DVD, and I thought I'd post it here. Honestly, most people will find the video rather boring and pointless, but I hope Steve might pop on and see it sometime.

Oh... I'd recommend a fast internet connection as the streaming video is about 10mb

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