Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jarre's "Tèo and Tèa" (and a bit of Erasure to boot!)

A musical recommendation for this post -

What a fantastic week in music it has been with two fantastic releases which I have got to mention here on the Captains-Blog.

Anyone who has walked past our house during the past few days have probably heard me blasting this song through our sound system over and over again - Jean Michel Jarre's "Tèo and Tèa" - a fantastic dance track from the album of the same name. Although I'm more of a fan of his earlier stuff (Equinox, Oxygene, Rendezvous, etc.), this album is still great to listen to and is definatly the best one since Chronologie.

Check out the video below :-

And while I am recommending music, Erasure's new single "I Could Fall In Love With You" was released on Monday, and although I don't expect it to do well in the charts (mainly because Erasure are no longer considered 'cool' even though they are miles better than the majority of the crap bands filling up the charts these days), it is definatly a fantastic song, feeling much more like earlier Erasure material rather than the recent Other Peoples Songs and Nightbird (even though they were both good albums).

Check out the alternative video, put together by fans at the Official Erasure Website, apparently due to technical problems which resulted in the official video not being finished in time.

Electronic music rules!

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