Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Telly Addicts

After lots of hmming and umming, I've decided to take the plunge and replace our old JVC 32" CRT televison with an all new 40" Flat LCD Sony Bravia television.

Actually, I only decided to get one because there was a really good deal on the model that I was looking at, and fortuantly one of the teachers at the school was interested in paying a reasonable price for our old television.

Due to the rather large size of the new television, I've spent the last two evenings moving the living room around, and re-cabling the surround sound speakers, satellite and television aerial cables (with a little help from Kieran), and now I am knackered! The major change is that the television and settee have swapped places and are now on the other side of the room, which was no easy task with the amount of stuff we have in our living room.

I've even done the unimaginable..... I've completely taken apart my beloved computer and thrown away the computer desk to free up some more space in the living room. The computer hasn't gone completely though - The idea is to have it on the floor beside the new television and for it to be connected via a VGA cable directly for use as a gaming machine, and for me to use my wireless laptop more for other things.

It gets delivered tommorow morning, and I can't wait! The only thing is I'm at work all day, so I've got to wait until 4.15pm to play with it!

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