Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sneak Peak

Yesterday (Saturday 2nd May 2009) must have been one of the most exciting days I've had since Kieran was born. We went all the way up to 'Window To The Womb' in Nottingham so that Michelle could have a 4D scan done of the twins.

A big thanks to Steve Ready, for coming all the way from Rainham, in Essex, to pick up in Evesham, to take us to Nottingham, only to bring up back home again to Evesham, and return to his little boy and girlfriend in Nottingham!! Phew.

More pictures are available on my Facebook profile (including a few clips from our DVD). Of course, you can only view them if you're my friends!!!!! ;)

Oh, and it is now confirmed - both babies are 100% female. Looks like me and Kieran are definitely going to be outnumbered.

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