Sunday, January 06, 2013

Stuart's Panoramic World 1 - Laindon, Five Links Estate

I'm going to start yet another new regular feature here on the Captain's Blog.  I plan to merge my "Stuart Wilson's Panoramic World" website with this blog, so expect to find some interactive 3D panoramas popping up here every now and then for you to look at.
I love 3D panoramas as they are a wonderful way of preserving a single point in time, allowing the user to see all around, as if they are actually standing there.  In fact, I am amazed there are not more of them available on the web considering that most cameras and mobile phones have the ability to take these photos now. 
Consider these to be ones that the Google Street View camera can't reach!

Use your mouse (or cursor keys) to look.  Your mouse wheel allows you to zoom in and out.

Location : Laindon, Essex, England

Date : 3rd January 2013

Camera : Fujifilm HS30 EXR

Notes : Five Links Estate (Handley Green - Now Beeston Courts).  My old home.

Download/Enlarge : Click here to enlarge 


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