Sunday, January 05, 2014

Boldly going.... again

Oooooo...  Two posts in one day!  Go me.

I just wanted to post a picture that I've been working on to kill my boredom, and take my mind of having to return back to work tomorrow after having the past 2 weeks off.

Several years ago I purchased a USS Enterprise model made by Bandai.  The model is great, and even lights up.  Since I have just recently purchased a brand new DSLR camera (Canon EOS 600D), I thought I'd try doing some shots with it and super-imposing them on to some 'spacey' backgrounds.  I'm working on a few at the moment, but this is the first one, and I must say I'm quite pleased with the finished result.

What you can't see is how I managed the blue tint to the hull of the ship.  Since I don't have access to a studio or fancy lights, I managed to achieve this with me holding my mobile phone at the model, and using a torch lamp app to illuminate the ship!  Simple but effective.

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