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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sitting on my bum... Because I have to.

Here's an interesting article in the news today...

"There has been "an alarming increase" in the number of working-age people suffering strokes, with unhealthy lifestyles being seen as the main cause." They mention television and computer games (as they always do).

These news reports annoy me.  They're very quick at criticising those who sit on their bums all day, watching TV or playing computer games.

The problem isn't watching TV or playing computer games.  I love playing computer games...  I always have and always will, and that will never change.  I'm a computer nerd, however I spend 8 hours of the day sat in front of a computer not playing computer games because it's my job.  YES, THAT'S RIGHT, the majority of my day is spent in front of a computer because I have too - I make a living from it.  Is that any different to sitting at home playing games?  Why not mention that when writing these articles since so many of us have to sit at work?

So if the chances of me suffering a stroke are increased because of that, maybe I should get danger pay?  After all, what they are saying is that my job is dangerous to my health.

Also, if they're going to whinge at those watching TV as well, why not have a go at those who sit on their bums and read books....  play board games....  draw/paint...  etc.?

Sitting on our bums doing things is a part of life!  How easy it is to single out TV and computers for the health problems of today.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

How things change....

Whilst having a sort out and rummaging through the black hole that is my cupboard in the bedroom, I've come across this newspaper advert dating back to Friday 17th April, 1998.  Ok, it's nothing special, but it is in fact the advert that convinced me back in 1998 to upgrade my puny Pentium 90 Windows 95 PC (and also my suped up 40mhz Commodore Amiga 500) to a 'top of the range' Windows 98 PC with an astounding 300mhz Pentium 2 processor, complete with 64mb of RAM, 4mb ATI Rage Pro graphics card (which I upgraded almost immediately with a 3DFX Voodoo 2 card) and an incredibly large (at the time anyway) 6.4Gb hard drive, all for an amazing £1173.83
What amazes me more now is how the 21 year old me from 1998 could actually afford £1173.83 on a PC (bearing in mind that I also bought a laptop from Time around the same too for around £1500).
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