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Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm a Ladbroke Holiday Superstar (apparently!)

Another blast from the past, discovered while my Mum was sorting out her wardrobe.  As well as loads of old school work, she also found this - a certificate which I won whilst we were on Holiday at Seashore holiday camp in Great Yarmouth during the mid 1980's (probably 85 or 86).

Do you remember Starcruiser?

I can't remember what the Q Quest was - I think it involved us having to search the holiday camp for answers to certain questions, and I'm sure the only reason I won was because nobody else bothered to take part.  That sounds about right considering my usual lack of luck at winning anything remotely good!
I'm sure I won some other prizes too which are all now no doubt hidden in the depths of some landfill somewhere.
I wonder if her name really was Vicky Micky?