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Saturday, April 09, 2016

Stuart's Panoramic World 18 - Evesham, Workman Bridge - 2nd April 2016

Here's another 360° panorama showing my home town (Evesham), the River Avon, and Workman Bridge. 
Also, from this panorama onwards, I'm going to be doing them sightly differently.  Whereas before all the panoramas I've made have been in .swf format (Flash), this made them unviewable on the majority of mobile browsers unless the user downloaded an app to make it work (usually making it quite sluggish).  Instead this and all future panoramas will be in HTML5 format.  Fortunately the majority of newer browsers for desktops and mobile devices support HTML5, so my 360° panoramics should be more accessible and I hope more people will enjoy them.
This was taken on Saturday 2nd April 2016, using a Canon EOS 700D and a 10-18mm lens. 
I was also able to take some nice pictures down by the river too, this being one of them.