Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Games that remind me of my childhood Number 9 : Treasure Island (Commodore Plus 4)

Sorry for the delay in getting another post on Captains Blog...  Things have been a bit stressful at home at the moment with us having a new kitchen fitted.  Very difficult when you've got three kids to entertain in such a small, limited space!

The title screen, along with a jolly ditty

Treasure Island is a game by Greg Duddle, and was released in 1985 by Commodore for the Commodore Plus 4 computer.  It was actually one of ten other games (well, eleven since Space Sweep and Invaders came on the same tape) which came with the system, although this was by far the best of the bunch.

The game is yet another fun, but simple maze-style game which has you play the character Jim Hawkins. You must locate some buried treasure on the island, avoiding the many pirates that are scattered on the paths.  Once you find the treasure, you have to get back to your ship before Long John Silver catches you.

The adventure begins

Pirates come in three types - Green and Brown pirates will throw a cutless at you if you get too  close to them (which you can pick up and use against them if they miss you).  Blue pirates will not shoot at you, and the only way to pass them is to find a cutless and throw one at him.

You need that shovel so that you can dig up the treasure.

Although the game is very easy and can be finished in about 15 minutes, the challenge is to to get a score of 100% - The only way this can be done is by killing every pirate, and collecting every item.  Believe me, it's not as easy as it sounds.

A cutless!

I have fond memories of this game, mainly because me and my sister would watch for hours while our Mum tried to complete it.  Very exciting stuff for the time!

The treasure!!!!!!!!!

Collect the treasure, and Long John Silver starts chasing you.

Finish!!  Excape to the boat without Long John Silver touching you, and the win the game.

The tape cover (not very exciting)

The tape!



The game came with this excellent, and very useful map.  Click to enlarge.

A classic game.  It was released on the ZX Spectrum, and Commodore 64 as well, although I didn't think it was as good.  Another game for the C64 called The Willow Pattern Adventure was released which had EXACTLY the same map, but with different graphics!  Worth a play.


  1. You ever finish your version of treasure island .

    Lee Dobbs

  2. Completed this (this and Fire Ant) on the plus 4 one evening back in the late 80's aged around 7 or 8......the bet being if I won my choice of dinner or stay up late