Sunday, July 01, 2012

Games that remind me of my childhood Number 8 : Trashman (Commodore 64)

The ultimate rubbish man simulator - welcome to Trashman!

Released in 1984 by New Generation Software. Trashman was originally released on the ZX Spectrum before shortly getting a conversion on the Commodore 64.  The game is very simple and has you control the 'trashman' who must collect the rubbish bins dotted along the street and empty them in to the rubbish collection lorry before the timer runs out.  Simple eh?

When you have successfully emptied a bin in to the lorry and have taken it back to the house it came from, the front door opens and you get an invite to go in and get a tip (extra time) from the resident of the house.   You must however stay on the path - one step on the grass results in the timer running down quicker, and no chance of a tip!

There are seven streets in total to complete.  The first street has 5 rubbish bins to collect, the second has 6, and so on until you reach the seventh street which is 12 bins to empty.  Obstacles to avoid are cyclists riding on the pavement, however the main cause of death in this game are the cars and other road vehicles .  If you are run over, then it's game over!

I was introduced to this game by Colin, a family friend who had a Commodore 128, and I remember wanting it so much, thanks to fun gameplay, and effective and realistic (at the time) 3D graphics.  As was the case with many games of the time, we only had a Commodore Plus 4, and this was another game which was never converted to that system.

A fun game in 80's surburbia, and a fond childhood memory.

Level 1 - Staunton Street (Click to enlarge)

Level 2 - Pultney Street (Click to enlarge)

Level 3 - Grove Street (Click to enlarge)

Level 4 - Lyncombe Vale (Click to enlarge)

Level 5 - Widcombe Hill (Click to enlarge)

Level 6 - Lansdown Hill (Click to enlarge)

Level 7 - Milson Street (Click to enlarge)

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