Saturday, September 07, 2013

Star Trek - The Official Starships Collection Issue 2 Review

I've just received the latest two issues of Star Trek - The Official Starships Collection.  Issue 2 is the USS Enterprise refit (NCC-1701) from Star Trek - The Motion Picture.

Compared to the Enterprise D model, this one lacks the detail that made the D look so good.  The actual model itself is not bad, and does look very much like the original movie Enterprise, but seems that extra fragile - don't let the kids play with this one, otherwise you might find yourself having to superglue the nacelles, or the primary hull back on!  Windows, docking ports and small details are present, but what is lacking is the 'aztec' style texturing on the hull (which apparently is present in the future Reliant, Excelsior and Enterprise A models).  I like the transparent plastic which they have used in the nacelles.  When held up to a light source, they glow as if the ship is in warp.

As with the previous issue, the magazine is nice - nothing special.  Some nice photos of the actual movie prop used in the original movies, and some information about the ship, where it had its refit, and when it was destroyed - pretty much everything a hardcore Star Trek fan will already know!

The model is 135mm long, with a width of 62mm
Conclusion : - Although nowhere near as detailed as the Enterprise D (which is a shame since this is my favourite version of the Enterprise), it is still a very good model and will look great alongside the other ships in the collection.  I'm hoping that Eaglemoss will correct the issues with the model when they release the Enterprise NCC-1701-A further in to the collection.


  1. I like your page but I am at a bit of a loss to understand why you haven't mentioned the biggest issue with this particular release - the colour.

    I also just got mine and will not be getting any more. Apart form the dreadful lack of detail the ship is completely the wrong colour. It is supposed to look almost white, more like a pearl while as seen in the films, not the nasty shade of duck-egg come grey shade that it actually is.

    To be honest, after the delight of the quality of printing on D, even if the colour were right I don't think I'd have kept this. No effort has been made at all to make it realistic in the paint and printing department. Landing bay Doors, windows, exhaust, running lights and navigational array RCT's are all bare, even the dome is the wrong colour (I think it should be blue).

    And the front of the nacelles blue section should be spit with a white like front and top.

    Like I said - no effort. I am cancelling my orders as without this ship the set would be incomplete and this ship is all wrong.

  2. You're absolutely right, however the makers claim that they were trying to recreate the look of the original model used for the Motion Picture and that the NCC-1701-A (when released) will feature the Aztec texture effect that made the Enterprise D model look good. Don't get me wrong, I was slightly disappointed with the Refit Enterprise, but the next issue (The Klingon Bird of Prey) is fantastic, and has restored my faith in these models. 2 amazing models and 1 good one is good so far, and looking at the soon to be released NX-01, Romulan War Bird and USS. Reliant, I think the collection is going to be very good.

  3. I've got two of these and I build models as a hobby, I'm going to try and add a little more detail with Tamiya laquers, I'm guna pick all windows out in yellow with sharpend toothpick, paint cargo doors and a few other little things.

    1. Sounds like a good idea. I've built so many Star Trek models over the years (and all of them have come out rubbish). I've given up and instead going to rely on these instead. I'd be very interested in seeing your custom-painted one when you've finished.