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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Star Trek Starships Collection - Kes's Shuttle (Issue 169)

It's been a while since I last did one of these.  Here's my issue 169 model - "Kes's Shuttle" from the Star Trek Official Starship Collection by Eaglemoss.

Camera Settings
F-stop : f/25
Exposure time : 28 seconds
ISO Speed : 100
Focal Length : 12mm

Monday, April 13, 2020

USS Voyager and Vulcan Long-range Shuttle Models

With the current Covid 19 lockdown in effect, I've had a chance to take some more photographs of my Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships Collection.

Camera Settings (before post production)
Canon EOS700D
F-stop : f/28
Exposure time : 30 seconds
ISO Speed : 100
Focal Length : 10mm

Vulcan Long-range Shuttle 

USS Voyager

Monday, October 28, 2019

Star Trek Shuttles

Years ago, I made a very basic diorama for my ERTL Galileo shuttlecraft, made up a few pieces of wood, paper mache, and some bits and pieces leftover from a trainset I was building.

Anyway, I thought it might be a good idea to see what my Star Trek shuttles from the Star Trek Starships Collection would look like on it, and well...  Here are a few.

Galileo 7 Shuttlecraft (Star Trek The Original Series)

Galileo Shuttlecraft (Star Trek V The Final Frontier)

Type 6 Shuttlecraft (Star Trek The Next Generation)

Starfleet Runabout (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)

Type 15 Shuttlepod (Star Trek The Next Generation)

Monday, December 31, 2018

USS Buran

I've been a bit quiet here this year, but here's a post to end 2018 on....

A few pictures of my USS Buran model from the Star Trek Discovery Starships Collection from Eaglemoss, with the usual post-production done to them.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Trekkie Dad and Super Sophie Episode 13 - USS Enterprise Phase II and USS Shenzhou

Feeling like we're one of the last to receive these, finally we get to open the USS Enterprise Phase II Concept, and the long awaited issue 1 USS Shenzhou from the new Star Trek Discovery Starship Collection.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Star Trek - The Official Starships Collection Issues 10 and 11 (Borg Sphere and USS Reliant)

This months models are the Borg Sphere, as seen in Star Trek : First Contact, and a number of episodes of Star Trek Voyager, and the Miranda class USS Reliant from Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan.

I'll start with the Borg Sphere.  When this issue was announced, I wasn't expecting much from it.  After all, the Borg Sphere is essentially..... a ball!  It's only when you hold the ship you can see the amount of detail that has gone in to it.  The problem is, when compared to the actual studio model of the Borg Sphere, it in fact does not look much like its film counterpart.  Green areas which are meant to be light emanating from within give a great effect.  It's quite heavy too and doesn't look like some cheap piece of plastic.  It looks 'Borg' though, and is still a good addition to the collection.

The next model in the collection is the USS Reliant, and all I can say is "Wow!".  Quite possibly the best model in the collection so far, I had high hopes on this one after the slightly disappointing USS Excelsior last month.  The ship is quite large, and has plenty of detail throughout, including a very slight (but effective) aztec texture on the hull - something which I wish was included on the issue 2 Enterprise refit.

I really hope Eaglemoss keep the quality of future models to the standard of the USS Reliant.  Next month....   An Akira Class Federation starship, and a Jem'hadar cruiser.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Star Trek - The Official Starships Collection Issue 8 and 9, and Specials Review (USS Excelsior, USS Defiant, Deep Space Nine and Future USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D)

Sorry it has taken me awhile to get these up...  I actually had these delivered several weeks ago, but have only got round to actually putting them on the Blog.

My latest delivery from the Eaglemoss Starship Collection was a big one, consisting of Issues 8 and 9 - The USS Excelsior as seen in Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country, the USS Defiant from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, the Deep Space Nine station itself, and finally the future USS Enterprise D from the final episode of Star Trek : The Next Generation, All Good Things.

I'm going to start with the Excelsior model.  One of my favourite designs from the Star Trek movies, I was eagerly awaiting this release, but I regret to say I was not that impressed with this model.  Firstly, the model feels extremely delicate.  The design of the Excelsior means there is a lot of very thin sections, in particular the long warp nacelles.  When holding it, I'm afraid of it snapping in my hand!  A lack of details doesn't help it either due to the scale of the ship.  It's a shame really because this could have been a fantastic release.


I'm happy to say that the USS Defiant from Deep Space Nine is much better.  Due to the small size of the ship in the show, it means that additional detail can be put on to a model of this scale.  The biggest 'cock up' mind you is the duplication of one Starfleet insignia from one side of the ship to the other - the designers didn't flip the logo, meaning that one side of the ship has an incorrect logo.  It isn't that noticeable if you're just having it on display however. 

Deep Space Nine is the first over-sized special from the collection, and it is amazing!  (It should be at £18.99).  Quite possibly the best model of the collection so far, the detail is spot on, although lacking the Communications Array which is located on the top of the station, possibly due to the fact that it would be too fragile.  One thing to note is how heavy this model is - it's made mostly from metal, which makes it feel solid and not as delicate as some of the other ships in the collection.


Finally, the future Enterprise D from the final episode of the Next Generation.  The model is almost identical to issue 1 other than having a few additions, including a third warp nacelle.  I actually thought the design was a show of laziness from the designers who obviously thought sticking a few bits here and there would make the Enterprise D look 25 years older.  Personally, I thought it looked tacky, and unfortunately the model looks as if someone has modded the original D model with some badly-fitting parts.  I can't really complain though as this model was free to subscribers. 

All in all, a half decent delivery of two outstanding and two average models.  Still, a good addition to my ever growing collection.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Star Trek - The Official Starships Collection Issue 4 and 5 Review (Enterprise NX-01 and Romulan Warbird)

It's always exciting when I get a phone call at work from the wife saying that my next Star Trek Starship Collection models have arrived.  This time, it's the Enterprise NX-01 and Romulan D'deridex class Warbird.

Neptune and back in 6 minutes

Say what you want about Star Trek Enterprise (especially the third season Xindi story arc), but I loved the show and was gutted when it was cancelled in 2005.  The Enterprise NX-01 was designed to look like a pre-original series starship (before the Federation was even formed), but to be instantly recognisable as a Starfleet vessel, and this model shows the fine detail that went in to designing this truly gorgeous ship, right down to the detailed hull plating.  After the slightly disappointing issue 2 Enterprise refit, I was pleased that issue 3's Klingon Bird of Prey was back to the standard of issue 1, and now that issue 4 and 5 are here, the amazing quality of the models has returned, and my faith in the collection has been restored.

The Romulan Warbird was never one of my favourites.  Maybe this was due to the limited views of the ship in the early episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation.  But as special effects got better and the VFX people were able to do more with the model during the space battle scenes in Star Trek Deep Space Nice, I've come to appreciate the design much more now, and the model is quite a nice ship, showing plenty of detail (in particular the windows on the main "head" or primary forward hull section).  My only criticism with this model is the stand which the ship fits in to.  It isn't the most secure out of the current 5 ships, and Warbird is prone to falling off if you have not pushed it in hard enough.  The problem is, by pushing it in, I feel like I'm either going to break the ship, or break the plastic clips that hold the ship to the stand. 

"Your presence is not wanted. Do you understand my meaning, Captain? We... are back!"

As a subscriber, I was also lucky enough to receive my first free gift (apparently worth £20) - A USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D dedication plaque, as seen on the Bridge of the starship.  Now obviously, it's not a full size replica plaque, and measures only 8 inches long but has been well made and features the Starfleet logo and words USS Enterprise raised, with the rest of the text slightly engraved in to the plaque.  It isn't some cheap plastic item either, and is actually quite heavy for its size.  A very nice bonus that will look great alongside the other ships in the collection.

Now, as I've said before, the main reason most people are buying this collection are for the models, but each issue also includes a detailed magazine about the ship.  Although interesting to read, many of the pictures featured have been seen elsewhere in other books or publications and I've noticed the odd mistake here and there, but now 5 issues in and I still can't believe that they are still making some silly factual and spelling mistakes!  For instance, as shown below "The moment seemed right when Leonard Nimoy was directing Star Trek VI"... Erm, don't you mean Nicholas Meyer?  And also, on the back page, advertising the next issue, "Concept artits Rick Sternbach's original designs for Voyager".  ARTITS???  Hmmmmmm. 

Erm, when did Leonard Nimoy direct Star Trek VI?

I'm not complaining though.  I've been really pleased with every issue so far, and still believe they are well worth the £9.99 each.  Outstanding!