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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Star Trek - The Official Starships Collection Issues 10 and 11 (Borg Sphere and USS Reliant)

This months models are the Borg Sphere, as seen in Star Trek : First Contact, and a number of episodes of Star Trek Voyager, and the Miranda class USS Reliant from Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan.

I'll start with the Borg Sphere.  When this issue was announced, I wasn't expecting much from it.  After all, the Borg Sphere is essentially..... a ball!  It's only when you hold the ship you can see the amount of detail that has gone in to it.  The problem is, when compared to the actual studio model of the Borg Sphere, it in fact does not look much like its film counterpart.  Green areas which are meant to be light emanating from within give a great effect.  It's quite heavy too and doesn't look like some cheap piece of plastic.  It looks 'Borg' though, and is still a good addition to the collection.

The next model in the collection is the USS Reliant, and all I can say is "Wow!".  Quite possibly the best model in the collection so far, I had high hopes on this one after the slightly disappointing USS Excelsior last month.  The ship is quite large, and has plenty of detail throughout, including a very slight (but effective) aztec texture on the hull - something which I wish was included on the issue 2 Enterprise refit.

I really hope Eaglemoss keep the quality of future models to the standard of the USS Reliant.  Next month....   An Akira Class Federation starship, and a Jem'hadar cruiser.