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Friday, December 24, 2021

Game Covers - Xybots (Commodore 64)

A year ago, the experts said it couldn't be done.
It was too big, too complicated.  But our programming team just smiled at each other, and now here it is...

It's here and it's sensational - Domark's latest blockbusting coin-op conversion from Tengen.

Join Major Rock Hardy and Captain Ace Gunn in their battle for supremacy against an army of invading Xybots!

With a split-screen for one or two platers and a unique viewing area, you'll find Xybots a challenging strategic blast'em up.

It's non-stop action all the way and working together in two-player mode is the ultimate fun.  Each player controls one character and the split-screen gives each his own playing area.

A map shows the section you're battling through and the positions of the patrolling Xybots.  And to keep one step ahead, pick up energy pods, super weapons, keys and coins.

Xybots made a challenging arcade game ...  as a computer game, it can't be matched. So grab hold of the controls and help the intrepid duo, Rock and Ace, rid the labyrinth of these metallic monsters!

3D View (hold and move to rotate)

Monday, April 27, 2020

Kayleigh's Retro Isolation - Day 35

Kayleigh's Retro Isolation - Day 35
Monday 27th April 2020

Xybots (Arcade) on the Playstation 2

"I love it. One of the best games so far, and I get to play two-player co-op with my Dad!. 9/10" - Kayleigh