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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Game Covers - S.O.S. (Commodore 64)

Despite getting not-so-great reviews in the computer magazines of the time, I thoroughly enjoyed this fun little isometric 3D adventure, although it is highly recommended to turn the sound off as it has one of the most annoying songs in a computer game playing throughout.

"One way to lose a good droid is to send it out to do something it isn't programmed for.  Biomech 1 (Sydney to his friends) is marooned in a very weird place all because his creator, the eccentric Foley, has a terrible memory.  If Sydney can't get back intact, Foley's boss will remove his kneecaps (Foleys not Sydneys that is).  Tell Syd how to get home in this 3D arcade adventure and save the taxpayer one billion dollars in the bargain!  3D ARCADE ADVENTURE FROM GEOFF FOLEY.

Wow, what an exciting back story!  Try it...  The game isn't bad at all, and was a bargain back in the day.

Interesting bit of useless information - The game was originally called "The Game With No Name"

S.O.S - The Cover

S.O.S. - The Inlay

S.O.S. - The Tape

3D View (hold and move to rotate)

Monday, December 07, 2015

Songs that remind me of my childhood Number 39 - Keeping The Dream Alive (M√ľnchener Freiheit)

Wow, here's a blast from the past.  I loved this song when I was younger, and completely forgot about it until hearing it on the radio earlier today. 
I had some serious childhood flashbacks after hearing this one again after such a long time.
Released in 1988, it peaked at number 14 in the UK Charts during December of that year and is apparently known as being a Christmas song due to it being released during the festive season, even though the song has no link to Christmas at all.
Crank up the volume and listen to that awesome orchestral sound.  It always reminds me of a bit of a mix of ELO and the stuff Paul McCartney released in the 80s.