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Monday, December 23, 2019

Gaming Memories - December 1989

Looking back at what I was reading and playing exactly 30 years ago this month, December 1989 was a good year for racing games on the Commodore 64. My Amiga owning friends might have had the eagerly awaited home version of Hard Drivin', but I had the Commodore 64 versions of Turbo Outrun and Stunt Car Racer, both of which scored higher than their Amiga counterparts between both Zzap and Commodore User reviews.

It was however around this time when I decided to ditch Commodore User in favour of the more C64 friendly Zzap 64/Amiga as my primary source of C64 news and goodness since Commodore User was aiming more for the Amiga market. Shame on them, as the C64 still had plenty of life left in it to last a few more years.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas.... Bah Humbug

Christmas....  Not my favourite time of year, but the kids had a great day, and that's the important thing.

However, I must remember to add the following to my Christmas 2014 letter to Father Christmas..

"Dear Mr Christmas, can you please ensure that Steven Moffat DOES NOT have any involvement in next years Doctor Who Christmas special.  That is all.  Thank you very much."